S1 Sport - Official Shin and Ankle Protection System of the Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers are pleased to partner with S1 Sport as the official shin guard and ankle guard system of the Boston Breakers team.

The S1 protection system provides players with a comfortable, safe and felxible solution to safety and injury prevention during games.

The suspended shin guard attaches directly to a breathable, lighweight under section that results in no direct contact between the shin guard and the player’s skin which in turn allows the skin to sweat and breathe as normal. The result is a much more hygenic and comfortable solution to player safety than a normal shin guard that rests directly against the skin and can cause discomfort and irritation during activity.

In addition to the shin guard, S1 also provide an ankle guard that provides players with protection and stability of their ankles and achilles tendon.

After games, the shin guard can be detached from the under section and wiped down while the under section itself can be machine washed. This prevents shin guard odour from developing and results in a much more hygenic experience for the player. The ankle guard system is also machine washable.

S1 Sports will be present at all Boston Breakers home games where you will have the opportunity to try the system on and purchase.

For more information on the S1 Shin Guard and Ankle Guard system or to purchase for your soccer player, please visit the S1 website below:


When ordering, be sure to tell them the Breakers sent you by mentioning us in your order comment!



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