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NEFC-Breakers Frequently Asked Questions

Why are NEFC and the Boston Breakers creating this partnership?

The Boston Breakers are a member of the NWSL, a 10-team professional women’s soccer league supported by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). As with most professional soccer clubs in the U.S,, a priority for the Boston Breakers is to have a competitive youth academy structure that supports the college, reserve, and professional teams. NEFC has a proven developmental model and a competitive team structure that competes on the national stage. The synergies created by this partnership provide a nationally competitive youth academy under the Breakers organization, which also supports NEFC’s mission statement of “Developing Players for the Next Level in an Elite Soccer Environment.” This partnership will provide players with the best environment to take advantage of future opportunities as the youth soccer landscape continues to evolve.

When does this take effect?

The partnership will begin on Jan. 1, 2016. The benefits of the partnership will be phased in during the winter and spring with the full impact of the partnership in place for the beginning of the 2016/2017 season.

How does this impact the boys’ programs?

There is no impact or cost for the NEFC boys’ teams with this partnership. However, there will be benefits from this partnership that transcend gender and enhance the NEFC experience for players and staff. Examples include the improved relationship with Nike, coaching education opportunities and nationwide exposure for the club. Many of the Boston Breakers staff also has significant experience in the boys’ game, which will be a valuable resource for the club.

Do current players need to buy new uniforms?

No. The co-branding of NEFC-Breakers will be a two-step process. Step one will see returning players receiving a patch to add to their appeal in addition to the current logos. The second step will see all players in the same NEFC-Breakers uniform, which will take effect in 2017/2018 at the beginning of the next uniform cycle. The exception will be the Elite teams who will play as Boston Breakers Academy in 2016/2017. We are currently working with Nike to provide a solution that does not require families to purchase additional uniforms. There will be no issue in 2017/2018 as all players will be in the same NEFC-Breakers uniforms.

How much will this cost?

In addition to the team experience, NEFC prides itself on providing high-level programing. IDP, Technical, SAQ, Goalkeeping training, as well as the High School and College Showcases are all factored into the player fee. There will be no additional cost for the remainder of the 2015/2016 season for benefits from this partnership. The 2016/2017 team fees will be based on our projected expenses and will factor in all of our programing, including the NEFC-Breakers partnership for girls’ teams. The partnership with the Breakers will provide our female players with season tickets to Breakers games and include access to professional players who will serve as positive role models for our female players. We will continue to provide a comprehensive experience at an affordable cost and player fees will remain competitive within the marketplace. 2016/2017 costs will be available at tryouts.

What leagues will we play in?

There will be no changes for the 2016 Spring season. NEFC-Breakers teams will play under the US Club Soccer umbrella within the NEP and NPL structure.

Who will coach/manage the teams?

We do not expect any mid-season coaching changes for the Spring 2016 season. NEFC (NEFC-Breakers) will manage and be responsible for the youth teams. The Boston Breakers and NEFC-Breakers management will collaborate to provide 2016/2017 coaching assignments, which we will publish after the New Year. The combining of the coaching staffs creates a talented and experienced group of soccer professionals.

How can my daughter join the program?

Further information regarding upcoming tryouts will be communicated soon. Be sure to check our websites for more information.

Who can we contact with specific questions?

NEFC-Breakers contact: Chris Hamblin -

Boston Breakers contact: Lee Billiard -

How do we learn more about the Boston Breakers?

How do we learn more about NEFC?

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