Kicking and Caring with Leslie Osborne and the Cambridge Friends School

Breakers captain to take part in annual event Monday

This coming week marks a special moment for the Cambridge Friends School as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. It’s also time for its annual Kicking and Sharing event, one in which Breakers captain Leslie Osborne will help kick off.

“Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with transformative potential on many levels,” said Noelle Meeke, athletic director and soccer coach at Cambridge Friends School. “Nowhere is this more prominent than the annual community soccer event, ‘Kicking and Caring,’ held at Cambridge Friends School."


The Kicking and Caring event, Meeke said, is a week where students from all grade levels come together to highlight the transformative potential of the game by playing soccer, and then donating and signing balls that are later given to children across the globe. And Osborne will help Cambridge Friends School celebrate this event this Monday, May 7, from 3-4:15 p.m.

"We welcome Leslie Osborne for gladly joining in the fun to share her time and soccer expertise for this amazing cause,” Meeke said.

The Breakers have supported the Kicking and Caring event for two years now, Director of Institutional Advancement Bridget Havard said. Osborne will join Cambridge Friends School middle school students in their effort to donate 100 soccer balls.

“That has been a genuine thrill for our students,” she said. “This event is an important part of our mission: to support community and stewardship across all boundaries. We see a kindred spirit in Leslie Osborne, who espouses these same values as spokesperson for the Boston Breakers’ Sports Fitness and Leadership Foundation. We thank the Breakers’ organization for their longtime support, and are delighted that Leslie will ‘kick and care’ with us as we strive to show our students that they can make a difference in the world in ways large and small.”


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