Julie King set to make history Friday night with 103rd appearance

(Aug. 4, 2017) – Julie King walked into her first practice as a Boston Breaker in the spring of 2012. Fast forward five years, and she’s now the all-time leader in appearances in franchise history, surpassing U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder and longtime Breaker Kristine Lilly.

(Aug. 4, 2017) – Julie King walked into her first practice as a Boston Breaker in the spring of 2012. Fast forward five years, and she’s now the all-time leader in appearances in franchise history, surpassing U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder and longtime Breaker Kristine Lilly.

“It’s exciting to be in a position to accomplish that,” King said of the milestone. “Obviously, I haven’t done it on my own. So it kind of gives me a moment of reflection on my journey. It’s a point in my career where I can look back to all the people who’ve helped me along the way and the obstacles and challenges I’ve faced.”

Friday night will mark the 103rd appearance for King as a Breaker. She’s started 96 of those games, logging 8,722 minutes, scoring five goals, and tallying three assists. Her first professional goal came on April 27, 2014, in a 3-2 win at home over Sky Blue FC. Her first-ever Breakers appearance was May 10, 2012, a win on the road against ASA Chesapeake Charge.

“It’s awesome for me to have been able to do it with the Breakers because this is the club that gave me a chance at being a pro. I don’t know if I still would be playing if they hadn’t,” King said. “It’s kind of a full circle moment for me, especially with it being Kristine Lilly’s record that I’m beating. It’s really surreal I grew up with a poster of her on my wall and she was here in Boston on my first day of training. Of course, this is the only record I’ll ever break or come close to beating. She’s such a legend, and it’s such an incredible experience for me for it to come full circle.”

The 27-year-old St. Louis native still has plenty of soccer left in her and looks forward to the rise of the Breakers as she rounds out her sixth season with the club.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs – I’m proud to say I’ve ben a part of those because I think it builds character,” King said. “It has built character with me. I hope the fans, players, and staff can see that we’re on the upside of that rollercoaster. I’m excited to keep going and keep moving forward.”

Here’s what some of Julie King’s former teammates, coaches, host family, and father had to say about #8.

Kristine Lilly: “I am very happy for Julie and what she has done at the professional level! She has committed herself to the game and it has paid off by the number of times she has represented the Breakers. I'm proud of her and happy to be at the game!”

Megan Oyster: "Her experience and knowledge about the game and the Breakers organization is unmatched. She bleeds blue and really paves the way for everyone who joins the Boston Breakers team.”

Leslie Osborne: “I’m so happy for Julie! It feels like yesterday she came in as a little rookie next to me in our locker room. I’m so proud of the career she has had with the Breakers. Julie is a beast. She has an engine for days, versatile, coachable, one of the best teammates I have ever had, and one of the most athletic players to play this game.”

Kassey Kallman: "Julie is the kind of player that you always want on your team. She is competitive, hard working, and consistent. Julie is someone you can always count on. This is such a big accomplishment, and I am so happy for her."

Stephanie McCaffrey: “Julie was always someone you wanted on your team because she is both ultra competitive and level headed. She inspired her teammates both with words and by example of what it means to truly be a fighter, and I'm honored to have been her teammate!”

Cat Whitehill: I am so happy for Julie. She's one of the best teammates anyone could ask for, and I am just so excited for her to reach this incredible milestone. Julie is such an amazing person and her loyalty and passion for the Breakers shines through each and every game. Congrats to one of my favorite people to play next to on the backline!”

Tom Durkin: “Congrats again Julie on yet another milestone of her pro soccer journey.  Kristine Lily was an amazing player for both club and country. She was blessed with incredible quality and durability and in my opinion had one of the best careers in the history of the women’s game. For Julie to eclipse her appearance record is the natural order of progress in the NWSL and while it speaks volumes for her dedication to the club, it can't do justice to her mentality, determination, athletic prowess, and a skill set that I believe is worthy of a National team call-up.”

Katie Schoepfer: “Julie has been the example of how to carry yourself as a professional since the day she got to the Breakers. On the field, she plays the game the right way with intensity and consistency. Off the field, she is a great role model for all the little girls that aspire to be a professional athlete one day.  No one is more deserving of this recognition than Julie.”

Mollie Pathman: "Julie is a model of professionalism in women's sports. She is a great leader, teammate, and competitor. She leads by example and is truly a player everyone strives to be like. Congrats to Julie. Many more caps to come."

Kyah Simon: “Such an amazing milestone and achievement for Jules. She's the teammate you want on your side. Her passion, work ethic, and drive are irreplaceable, and I'm so proud to have shared many of those games alongside her.”

Maddy Evans: "There is no doubt that Julie King poured her heart out in all 103 games of her Breakers appearances. Julie, a fierce competitor with contagious energy, epitomizes what it means to be a great teammate and leader in Boston. She's the King of perfectly balancing hard work and fun and is the type of person and player you always want on your team. I'm glad I was able to share the field with her for three years. Congratulations, Jul!"

Courtney Jones: “Julie King has been a leader for this organization since her first season as a Breaker. She came into this league with tenacity, grit, and a heart bigger than everyone's combined. I had the privilege of playing with her, and the disappointment of playing against her. She knows how to build trust, lift the spirits of her teammates, and more than anything she knows how dominate the field. I'm proud to call her a teammate and one of my best friends. There is no one more dedicated to this team, these fans, and this city. Congratulations, JoJo!”

Bianca (D’Agostino) Bagosian: “Julie King is one of the best people I know, and I'm so proud of her on this incredible achievement. Julie has grown so much since she entered the league and this accomplishment shows that. She has an unbelievable heart on and off the field, and her dedication and drive is top notch. This achievement is well-deserved for a great person and teammate.”

Heather O’Reilly: “Julie is a wonderful teammate, ridiculous athlete, and all around great person. She is a huge asset to a team because of her very high standards for herself and those around her.  I am really proud and happy for Julie to be recognized on this accomplishment with the Boston Breakers and I love that I can call Julie my friend. My only complaint on Julie is how tight she ties her shoes.”

Taryn Hemmings: "I was lucky to play with JoJo her first year in the league. She was such an unassuming player and person but had the abilities of a natural leader. The way she cared about the game and the team were always inspiring to me. To see where she's at now and how she's still leading and driving the team in Boston makes me so happy."

Rhian Wilkinson: “I joined the Boston Breakers in 2013 and was immediately impressed with many of the young players coming in, but Julie definitely stood out, and not only because of her height. Her attitude and work ethic was top class. A player willing to give everything she had for whatever time she got, she always made the most of her opportunities. She has always been a team player first, the first to celebrate successes as well as the first to put her head down and back to work following defeats. It has been a pleasure watching Julie become a real force out on the field, and seeing her wear the captain's armband is a reminder of what an honor it was to play with her all those years ago. Congratulations, Julie, on becoming Boston's franchise record holder for most games played. Lilly to King...not a bad list to be on top of.”

Matt Beard: Congratulations to Julie King. She is a wonderful person and a great leader. I'm just one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to work with her. Many things have been said about Julie over the past three weeks, but this is an amazing achievement, and I am proud to have been part of her journey at this club. I am sure there will be many more to come."

Lee Billiard: “Congratulations, Julie. Such an incredible achievement! Her commitment to the sport, to the city of Boston and as a Boston Breaker has been outstanding. Fantastic player and even better person.”

Karen Hoppa, Auburn soccer coach: "We are so excited for Julie to reach this milestone in her professional career!  For her to break this record and surpass a legend in doing so, is a reflection of Julie’s commitment to the Breakers and her passion for the game. We at Auburn are all so incredibly proud of her.”

Heather Havron, teammate at Auburn: “WOW and PROUD are the two words that come to mind. Just when I thought Julie couldn't become any more of a superstar, here she goes! The great thing about J is that she is without a doubt all in on and off the field. As a former college teammate who witnessed her drive firsthand and now as a Breakers groupie, I always think I've seen her best until I watch the next time she steps on the field. Julie King you are such a SOMEBODY!! Congrats, plus and keep breaking records!”

Katie Andrade, host mom: “Julie's passion for the game and sense of loyalty to her friends, family, and club make it no surprise to us that she achieved this incredible milestone. As her ‘Boston family’, we couldn't be prouder of all that she has accomplished."

Kevin King: “Little Jule (as I lovingly call you), you have reached an unprecedented and epic milestone, breaking a record previously held by Kristine Lilly, a soccer icon of legendary status who you idolized and whose poster hung on your bedroom wall at nine years old.  This record is not simply borne out of talent and athleticism, but primarily out character, leadership, relentless physical and mental toughness and, most importantly, an uncompromising sense of loyalty to your teammates, coaches and the Breakers organization.  You are so special and you never cease to amaze and inspire me.  I love you, Little Jule. Dad.”

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