Breakers reach goal to fund "Beautiful" video series

Supporters raise more than $35,000

 A final push in the last few days leading up to the conclusion of the Boston Breakers Kickstarter campaign "Beautiful: Teaching Girls Soccer the Boston Breakers Way" allowed the team to reach its needed funding to make this project come to reality.

The Word Syndicate, a Massachusetts-based production company, teamed up with the Boston Breakers to produce a groundbreaking new film for girls called “Beautiful: Teaching Girls Soccer the Boston Breakers Way.” "Beautiful" will explore the unique characteristics of the young female athlete, and examine proactive approaches to teaching girls the game the right way and to avoiding pitfalls like injuries and burnout. 

"The future health of women’s soccer depends on the health of the young girls who are playing it right now," said Ralph Ranalli, the executive producer of "Beautiful" and owner of The Word Syndicate. "The Breakers understand that and care deeply it and so do I, and I think the public response to our campaign shows that a lot of other people out there do too."

“Beautiful” will explore techniques for teaching the whole girl, the entire person, not just the player. 
"What can I say, absolutly amazing! It has been overwhelming the amount of support we have received for this campaign," Breakers General Manager Lee Billiard said. "Thank you to everyone who made a contribution or helped push the campaign. We feel this is an important piece and information that is not available on the market right now. Everyone associated was very excited today. A lot of thanks goes out to Ralph Ranalli, who is our partner on this. He fully devoted his life to making all this happen over the last 35 days. Look out for the DVDs later this summer and keep the Breakers support coming!"

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