Breakers partner with Sweat Cosmetics

(Oct. 3, 2016) – The Boston Breakers announced today a partnership with Sweat Cosmetics.

Sweat Cosmetics was launched in 2015 by former Breakers Taryn Hemmings (Chief Operating Officer), Courtney Jones (Chief Executive Officer), Leslie Osborne (Chief Marketing Officer), and Lindsay Tarpley (Chief Communication Officer), along with Chief Financial Officer Emily Hines.

Developed by athletes for active women, Sweat Cosmetics are formulated with skin-loving ingredients and all-natural SPF. The goal at Sweat Cosmetics is to develop a line of cosmetics that contain SPF for the modern woman who strives to be physically fit while also embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. Sweat Cosmetics aims to narrow the gap between beauty and fitness while prioritizing skin protection.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Sweat Cosmetics and helping them expand their brand and products via our resources. To reconnect with the ladies at Sweat in a business capacity has been a pleasure. Personally, I have so much respect for what they did as players here in Boston and now what they are accomplishing in the business world,” Boston Breakers general manager Lee Billiard said. “This is a fantastic story, and it really speaks to the Breakers Family and how we all respect and aid each other on and off the field.”

Osborne played 51 games for the Breakers over three seasons (2010, 2011, 2012). In 2015, the former U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder was inducted into the Boston Breakers Pillars of Excellence.

“We couldn't be more excited to officially partner with the Boston Breakers,” Osborne said. “This is our first sponsorship of any professional team, and we are very proud to support these confident, athletic and inspiring female athletes.”

A defender, Hemmings played 43 games for the Breakers, making her debut in 2010 and continuing her career through 2012.

“Boston and the Breakers played such a big part in the history of Sweat that we couldn't think of a better team to become an official sponsor for,” Hemmings said “We're so excited to be able to help support these amazing female athletes as they continue to define exactly what for active beauty means.”

Jones played in 32 games with the Breakers. The midfielder first appeared for Boston in 2012 and returned to the team in 2014 after a year with FC Kansas City.

“As a part of the Breakers Family, we are thrilled to be able to share our success with the people and place that helped start it all,” Jones said. “We couldn't be more excited to become an official sponsor of the Boston Breakers, and continue to promote strong, active, and beautiful women.”

Tarpley, a forward, was a member of the Breakers in 2010 and appeared in 17 games.

“We are excited to be an official sponsor for the Breakers,” Tarpley said. “Boston is a very special place, and we are thrilled this is our first professional sponsorship. We are looking forward to supporting these amazing female athletes.”

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