Boston Breakers launch #4BOS campaign

(Nov. 18, 2016) - The Boston Breakers announce a new campaign for the 2017 season: For Soccer. For Fans. For Family. For Boston.

When thinking about the campaign, we asked: “What is the make up of the Boston Breakers?” We were able to break these values down into four pillars, and these pillars are the foundations that the Boston Breakers are built on:

For Soccer: We are proud to be the longest-running women’s professional soccer organization in the U.S. We have been part of the professional women’s soccer landscape since its inception, and we will continue to build a future for younger players and fans.

For Fans: We have a diverse and loyal fanbase of all ages, races, sex, creeds, and orientations. Our fans are and will always be the most important element of our make up.

For Family: Past, present, future players, and staff are considered part of the Breakers’ family. Together we are strong. 

For Boston: The Breakers are fortunate to be a professional sports team in Boston, the greatest sports city in America. We are very proud of the city we represent and its passionate sports fan.

With the campaign, comes a new hashtag. The Breakers will still use #FearTheWave and #BreakersFamily from time to time when appropriate, but for the 2017 season, #4BOS will be used.

“For the hashtag, I looked to break down the slogan into something smaller, #4BOS means ‘For the Boston Breakers.’ The number four represents the four pillars that make up the Breakers and is a word play on ‘for’. The ‘BOS’ part is for the team and what we use on game days for the team,” Boston Breakers Marketing and Design Director Seve Hirst said.

“The aim was to create more of a detailed, strategic, and targeted campaign for the 2017 season, something with more focus than what we have done in previous years,” Boston Breakers President of Soccer Operations and Development Lee Billiard said. “We are hopeful this campaign allows us to make new connections with people, bring us new fans, new season ticket holders, first-time game attendees, and new partners and really connects to the culture of the best sports city in the country.”

“Boston is the greatest sports town in the world, and I’m proud to support the Breakers as they launch #4BOS," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. “Along with their fans, the team brings so much passion and positive energy to the game of soccer and our city’s sports culture.”

"The Breakers have always been welcoming of all fans. I have met a really diverse range of people through being a fan of this team, and the Breakers have shown they appreciate us and want to listen to us," said Stephanie Yang, head of the supporters group, The Boston Armada, and longtime season ticket holder.

“Being a Breaker is about representing and growing from the foundation that was laid by players like Kristine Lilly, and then continued by players like Cat Whitehill, Leslie Osborne, and Heather O'Reilly,” Breakers defender Julie King said. “When I put my jersey on, I take a great amount of pride in the fact that I am representing our fans and the city of Boston. This city has a legacy of unrelenting strength and steadfast spirit, as well as an expectation of excellence. Our squad will strive to represent our city, our fans, and our sport with those same characteristics. I believe that if we are able to create that culture then there will be no limit to what we can accomplish.”

This is … For Soccer. For Fans. For Family. For Boston


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