BLOG - Breakers Unlaced: Smile Because it Happened

By Katie Ponce I Aug. 26, 2015

For my final blog this summer I want to do my best to thank everyone that has made Breakers Unlaced a success. Twelve weeks ago when I started Breakers Unlaced, I had no intentions for the blog being anything other than another way to keep myself busy this summer. As a new college graduate I felt anxious spending my summer playing soccer with a lot of downtime in between. I never imagined that the blog would turn into something I am so proud and fortune to be a part of.  I have felt myself grow up this summer, and I guess I’m pretty lucky I found someone who believed my experiences were worth being documented.

My biggest thanks are to my bosses who have given me the freedom and opportunity to write my real experiences and share them with all of you. Since graduating, I feel like at every corner the world has had its way of just making things work out. My opportunity to write this blog started at the Boston Breakers Reverse’s second game of the season when the marketing and design director for the Breakers, Seve Hirst, was filming our game. Seve, my current boss, was also my soccer coach a few summers ago. Eager to at least try to put my education to use, I asked for a job.

With no direct need for my experience, Breakers Unlaced was created. After week one of sending my first blog to Communications Manager Ryan Wood, I knew this opportunity was going to be everything I could have wanted.  Since soccer has been my main priority all summer, flexibility was so important going forward. Never rushed and always allowing me to come up with my own topics, Breakers Unlaced was not a summer job, but basically my summer diary.

From my camp stories, to getting closer with the first team girls in interviews, everything was true, and it all shaped my summer. I never knew what I was going to write about until the week of when I got in front of my computer screen. Nothing was scripted this summer, which made everything I shared with all of you that much more personal. And while my particular situation is unique, I hope that at some point in these last three months, several of my words spoke to all of you.

Breakers Unlaced was created with the intention to highlight the life of a reserve team player, and bring more attention to the entire Boston Breakers organization. While this club is a business, the Breakers’ office made my stay comfortable. The love for soccer can be felt in the office of the Boston Breakers, and at no time this summer did I ever feel that anything got in the way of that. I thank the entire Boston Breakers staff for supporting Breakers Unlaced and for sharing the love of soccer, and in particular women’s soccer, with me.

I’ve never asked Ryan or Seve how many people read this blog. Never checked on how many clicks Breakers Unlaced gets. To me, whether 10 or 100 people read this blog every week, it feels like my messages are being heard. So my final thanks are to all of you that see this. It means so much to feel like I am being heard in this big crazy world of noise. This blog created an outlet of expression and I find comfort in the fact that I am communicating with at least someone out there.

I’m sad to see Breakers Unlaced end, but I as reminisce on these past 12 weeks, I smile that it happened. Four months ago, I thought Boston would only be for a summer. I thought that come fall I would move to a city closer to home and accept a 9-5 job offer. Soccer, my host family, this blog, everything that has found its way to me in Boston has taught me so much. I’m not entirely sure what comes after I finish this blog, but I’m positive this summer has prepared me for whatever is next.

While I hope that you all have taken something away from this blog, more importantly I’m optimistic to think you have grown a stronger connection with the Boston Breakers and the entire National Women’s Soccer League, (NWSL). The Boston Breakers have given me a home to chase of my dreams, and without the support of all you women’s soccer fans, there would be no room to dream. 

Please continue to be a fan of the Boston Breakers. This Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET, The Boston Breakers have one final game this season versus the Houston Dash. Follow the Breakers on Youtube, for your last chance to see them play this year. You can also continue to show your support by committing to your 2016 season tickets today. Log on now to learn more so you don’t miss your chance to part of all the action next year at Solider Stadium. See deals and keep up with the Breakers in the off season by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Katie Ponce, 22, grew up in Westfield, N.J. She graduated from Towson University with a degree in Business Administration. Currently playing and working for the Boston Breakers Reserve team. Find her on Twitter @breakersunlaced

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