The Boston Breakers will play their 2016 NWSL home games at Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium on the grounds of Harvard University in Allston, Mass. This will be the first season the Breakers have played at Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium. It will also serve as the Breakers training venue in 2016.

Located adjacent to Harvard Stadium, and on the banks of the Charles River, Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium provides an intimate atmosphere and brings fans closer to the action.

Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium, which has a field that measures 116x74 yards, currently has a capacity of up to 2,500 (seating and standing room combined).

In addition to the new state-of-the-art Field Turf surface that was replaced (enhanced) last summer, seating capacity will increase by 2,500, bringing seated capacity to 4,000. Bleachers will be added to locations behind each goal to accommodate the extra seating, and there will be additional space for standing room only, from 500 to 700. There also is room for 100 pitch side seats.