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Boston Breakers Summer Soccer Programs 2014


The following Boston Breakers Summer Soccer Programs  will be available in 2014. If you would like to set up a Soccer Program for your team, club or organization or would like more information, please contact the Boston Breakers at 617.945.1704 or by email.

Summer Soccer

For the competitive and recreational soccer player age 5-17 years.  Programs will focus on teaching the individual techniques and tactics that are vital for all soccer players in a fun and exciting curriculum.  Sessions run Monday through Thursday for 3 hours per day, morning/afternoon or evening.

  •   4 days /morning, afternoon or evening sessions available
  •   3 hours a day - $160
  •   Includes Boston Breakers Camp t-shirt & 1 ticket to Breakers Game                                                         
  •   Coached by Boston Breakers players  
  •   Meet and Greet with Breakers Players 
  •   Girls and Boys - Ages 5-16 years


Have Boston Breakers players in YOUR TOWN at a Summer Soccer Clinic Program  - Call 617.945.1704 NOW for more information regarding this amazing experience!




Click here for 2014 schedule

 If you would like to partner with the Boston Breakers to host a Summer Soccer clinic in your community, please call 617.945.1704

 Residential Camp

If you would like to partner with the Boston Breakers to host a residential camp program for your club or organization, please call 617.945.1704

Team Clinics

For competitive or recreational teams, training sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the individual team.  Coached by Breakers players and staff coaches, these sessions are designed to improve teams both technically and tactically.  Sessions can be either 1 week (M-TH) of 2.5 hour sessions OR once a week for 4 weeks of 2.5 hour sessions.


High School Team Prep

Designed specifically to prepare players for their high school seasons.  Technical, group and team tactics are highlighted while incorporating SQA/conditioning into each and every session.  The High School Prep Clinic is a 4 day, 2.5 hour intense camp for those serious about preparing for their school seasons.


Skills & SQA (Speed Quickness Agility)

Partnered with CATZ, this 6 week program is designed specifically for the player looking to improve speed/quickness on and off the ball. Meeting once or twice weekly, comprised of 45 minutes functional training/45 minutes of small group technical training, all designed to improve pace. Team and individual options.


Breakers Adult Clinics

A chance for adult players of all levels to play with the pros. Participants will experience all aspects of professional training sessions, from warm-up, skills training, tactical games through small-sided scrimmages and cool-down.


What You Do:

 The Boston Breakers Staff will work closely with a member of your organization to help make your program a success. Your organization will identify a date and a location for us to run the program and provide necessary insurance. It will be important to then promote the program to the members of your organization. Request a minimum of 50 participants for each session.

We Will:

 The Boston Breakers  Staff will provide your organization promotion and registration assistance, including: flyers, online registration and hotline. We will handle all staffing, curriculum development, organize Boston Breakers Player appearances and equipment needs.

For more information on Boston Breakers Summer Soccer Clinic Programs call 617.945.1704 or email Breakers Summer Programs